"Physics-Inspired Upsampling for Cloth Simulation in Games"

We propose a method for learning linear upsampling operators for physically-based cloth simulation, allowing us to enrich coarse meshes with mid-scale details in minimal time and memory budgets, as required in computer games. In contrast to classical subdivision schemes, our operators adapt to a specific context (e.g. a flag flapping in the wind or a skirt worn by a character), which allows them to achieve higher detail. Our method starts by pre-computing a pair of coarse and fine training simulations aligned with tracking constraints using harmonic test functions. Next, we train the upsampling operators with a new regularization method that enables us to learn mid-scale details without overfitting. We demonstrate generalizability to unseen conditions such as different wind velocities or novel character motions. Finally, we discuss how to re-introduce high frequency details not explainable by the coarse mesh alone using oscillatory modes.

L. Kavan, D. Gerszewski, A. W. Bargteil, P.-P. Sloan
"Physics-Inspired Upsampling for Cloth Simulation in Games."
In ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2011), August 2011, Vol 30, No. 4.

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