"A Method for Cartoon-Style Rendering of Liquid Animations"

In this paper we present a visually compelling and informative cartoon rendering style for liquid animations. Our style is inspired by animations such as Futurama,1 The Little Mermaid,2 and Bambi2. We take as input a liquid surface obtained from a three-dimensional physically based liquid simulation system and output animations that evoke a cartoon style and convey liquid movement. Our method is based on four cues that emphasize properties of the liquid's shape and motion. We use bold outlines to emphasize depth discontinuities, patches of constant color to highlight near-silhouettes and areas of thinness, and, optionally place temporally coherent oriented textures on the liquid surface to help convey motion.

1© Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
2© Disney

A. M. Eden, A. W. Bargteil, T. G. Goktekin, S. B. Eisinger, J. F. O'Brien,
"A Method for Cartoon-Style Rendering of Liquid Animations."
In Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2007, pages 51-55, Montréal, Canada, May 28 - 30, 2007.

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Project Members

Ashley M. Eden Adam W. Bargteil Tolga G. Goktekin Sarah Beth Eisinger James F. O'Brien